HLAA-PA Advisory Council

 Bill Best
Mitch Bilker
Don Groff
Nancy Kingsley
Dale Long
Carolyn Meyer
Kay Tyberg
Bill Pfeifer
Lee Williams

 HLAA-PA State Office Committees


Advocacy - monitor services in PA and current events to identify issues where efforts are needed to improve access for hard of hearing PA residents (Nancy Kingsley, chair; Mitch Bilker,  Carolyn Meyer, Kay Tyberg)

Arts & Entertainment Access Committee – work to get major movie and live theaters, museums, and other arts and entertainment venues to provide captioning and assistive listening systems. (Alan Kutner and Kay Tyberg, co-chairs; Alice Dungan, Nancy Kingsley)

Communications - provide information related to hearing loss to interested Pennsylvanians through website and a free quarterly newsletter, including an electronic version (Don Groff, chair);  Mitch Bilker,  Nancy Kingsley, Carolyn Meyer, Lee Williams)
Subcommittee on the Future of HearSay – reduce the production and distribution costs of HearSay, solicit income through advertising, add content including more statewide information, and make other improvements (Pat McGeever, chair; Lee Williams, development director; Diana Bender, Don Groff, Nancy Kingsley, Carolyn Meyer, Bill Pfeifer)

Diana Bender HLAA National Convention Scholarship - select recipients of HLA-PA scholarships to HLAA conventions by disseminating information about the scholarship and reviewing applications received (Mitch Bilker, chair; Carolyn Meyer)

Government Affairs - (1) promote representation by HLAA-PA members on state government advisory committees so they can provide input on the needs of hard of hearing people and (2) monitor and/or introduce legislative bills of interest to hard of hearing people and lobby for their passage (open)

Lunch and Learn –  organize annual educational luncheon (Nancy Kingsley & Carolyn Meyer, co-chairs; Lois Armon, Richard & Gay Balsam, Diana Bender, Bill, Best, Mitch Bilker, Alice Dungan, Don Groff, Marianne & Martin Lock, Joe Meyer, Bill Pfeifer

*Marcia Finisdore Advocacy Award - select annual recipient for this award (Marcia Finisdore, chair; Linda Heffernan, Alan Kutner)

Outreach – provide information and support to Pennsylvanians by presenting workshops on hearing loss topics throughout the state (Carolyn Meyer, chair; Diana Bender, Mitch Bilker, )

Turn Down the Volume – educate public accommodations to reduce sound volume to protect hearing (Pat and Emilio Cortez, co-chairs)

*Walk – plan and conduct the annual Walk4Hearing fundraiser in the Philadelphia area. (Ronnie Adler, Walk chair)
*Operates independently of the HLA-PA Advisory Council