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American Annals of the Deaf
First Published in 1847

The Annals is the oldest and most widely read English-language journal dealing with deafness and the education of deaf persons.

Hearing Health Foundation
This is a publication of the Deafness Research Foundation.

The Hearing Review
"The magazine to which hearing professionals turn" is now available on the web. It also contains information of interest to consumers that may be unavailable in "consumer" publications. Go online to:

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  • Search past issues
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  • Browse the annual Registry issue

Ear & Hearing
This is the official journal of the American Auditory Society. From the basic science of hearing to auditory electrophysiology to amplification and the psychological factors of hearing loss, Ear and Hearing covers all aspects of auditory disorders. Abstracts from 1998 to the present are available online. An excellent search tool is provided.


A number of hearing-loss-related books may be purchased online from such vendors as Amazon.  These include:

  • A Quiet World
    By David G. Myers
    Yale University Press, 2000  
  • Legal Rights: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, 5th Ed.
    By the National Association for the Deaf
    Gallaudet University Press, 2000
  • The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids, 3rd Ed.
    By Richard Carmen
    Auricle Ink Publishers, 2009
  • Rebuilt: My Journey Back to the Hearing World
    By Michael Chorost
    Mariner Books, 2006
  • Hear Again: Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant
    By Arlene Romoff
    Sterling, 2002
  • Listening Closely
    By Arlene Romoff
    Imagine, 2011
  • Shouting Won't Help
    By Katherine Bouton
    Sarah Crichton Books, 2013


The Center for Hearing Loss Help

Books That Can Help You Cope With Your Hearing Loss.
A series of modestly priced self-help books by Neil G. Bauman, Ph.D.
May be purchased online at The Center for Hearing Loss Help.  All are also available as eBooks.

  • Ototoxic Drugs Exposed
  • When Hearing Loss Ambushes Your Ears
  • When Your Ears Ring! Cope With Your Tinnitus
  • Please Make My World Stop Spinning
  • Supersensitive To Sound? You May Have Hyperacusis
  • Grieving For Your Hearing Loss - The Rocky Road From Denial To Acceptance
  • Talking With Hard Of Hearing People—Here’s How To Do It Right!
  • Hear! Here! You and Your Hearing Loss / You and Your Hearing Aids
  • Help! I’m Losing My Hearing—What Do I Do Now?
  • Phantom Voices, Ethereal Music & Other Spooky Sounds
  • Keys to Successfully Living with Your Hearing Loss

For descriptions and pricing, visit the Center for Hearing Loss Help.

Facing the Challenge
Hearing Loss Association of Oregon Survivor's Manual for Hard of Hearing People

[.pdf 950K]


A Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
If you've ever wondered what some telecommunication terms mean, help is available. The 2008 edition of the Glossary of Telecommunications Terms prepared by the Public Service Division of the Office of Public Affairs of the Federal Communications Commission contains many words and phrases used to describe telecommunications terms that commonly appear in Commission documents and other publications or articles on telecommunication technology.
It's available online and may be accessed or download in a variety of formats.

FCC Section 504 Handbook
The Federal Communications Commission Section 504 Programs & Activities Accessibility Handbook (Section 504 Handbook) is a collection of guidelines, information, and procedures to ensure that the Commission is accessible to individuals with disabilities. The content of the handbook is designed to assist Commission personnel in their efforts to provide such accessibility.
It's available online and may be accessed or download in a variety of formats.

ADA Technical Assistance CD-ROM
This free CD-ROM contains a complete collection of the Department of Justice’s ADA materials. It includes the Department’s regulations, architectural design standards, and technical assistance publications. It will make searching documents and identifying appropriate ADA information easier. Documents are provided in a variety of formats, including HTML and text (ASCII), to enable people with disabilities and others to gain easy access, translate materials to braille, or use screen readers. Many documents are also provided in Acrobat PDF format so that they appear as they do in print and permit the publication to be reprinted by personal computers. Order the CD-ROM Online or by calling the ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY), 24 hours every day.  Click to view a list of the ADA materials on the CD-ROM.