Hearing Aid and Hearing Assistive Technology Resources


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Adults who are employed or seeking employment

The Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)’s goal is to assist people with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment. OVR may be able to pay for hearing aids needed for this purpose.
PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation                    1-800-442-6351    Search Term: OVR


The Veterans Administration pays for hearing aids for eligible veterans
US Department of Veterans Affairs                    1-800-827-1000

Children under age 21

Pennsylvania children under 21 who have a hearing loss are eligible to receive Medical Assistance (Medicaid) coverage for audiological assessments, hearing aid evaluations, and medically necessary hearing aids and accessories.

 Early Intervention Technical Assistance                1-800-360-7282        

Hearing aids for income-eligible persons

AUDIENT Alliance                                1-866-956-5400

Foundation for Sight & Sound Help America Hear Program    1- 631-366-3461


Hear Now Program                            1-800-328-8602


Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project (thru local Lions Clubs)     1-630-203-3837

Miracle Ear Foundation                            1-800-234-5422

Travelers Protective Association (also cochlear implants)    1-877-872-2638   

Berks County residents only:
Berks Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services                1-610-685-4520

Assistive technology

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF)        1-888-744-1938
PATF is a federally funded program to assist people with disabilities in buying assistive technology, including hearing aids. PATF assists in locating financial assistance, provides low interest rate loans, and offers no interest rate programs.

Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT)         1-800-204-7428
PIAT has hearing assistive technology (not hearing aids) for free loan so borrowers can find out what works for them before making a purchase.

Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP)     1-800-204-7428
TDDP offers free equipment (including amplified telephones, captioned telephones, and telephone ring signalers) to enable income eligible Pennsylvanians to access the telephone.